Crimson Chilly
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Crimson Chilly

Crimson Chilly is electronic music, but then again it is not. Perhaps the genre trip hop best describes the music of Crimson Chilly. Crimson Chilly is Electronic Music by musician and producer Marc Ebert.
Crimson Chilly was created in Berlin. The unique club scene and of course the city itself were the inspiration for Crimson Chilly.

1. Chilling Bath

2. Techno 1b

3. Music

4. Chilling Bath (low fat mix) der Clubmix zu Chilling Bath

5. Videoclip Chilling Bath (low fat mix)

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der Videoclip zum Clubmix

chilling bath (lfm) video clip

Videoclip "Chilling Bath (low fat mix)" von der Original-CD.

Crimson Chilly - "chilling bath (low fat mix)" from Marcelonemusic

Crimson Chilly II

expected in 2024

One Soul is speaking, one mind is thinking, one heart is loving